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Repairs at Shade Tree

What can we do for you? I have been repairing and restoring all manner of fretted instruments since 1975. We can do just about any structural or cosmetic repair on contemporary instruments, and we specialize in doing appropriate repairs on vintage instruments, using traditional materials and methods like hide glue and French polish finishing.

Click the Articles link in the left panel to see some step-by-step photo write-ups of some interesting repairs I've done, as well as some valuable information on more general topics.

We have been an authorized C.F. Martin warranty repair center for 25 years. We also have longstanding relationships with many other American instrument makers. If you think you may have a warranty issue, check with me first. We are very knowlegeable about banjos; we can do a set-up to extract the last smidgeon of snap and punch from your bluegrass banjo, or mount a genuine calfskin head on your turn-of-the-century open back.

We are the shop other music stores turn to when they are faced with an unusual or ethnic instrument repair. Over the years, we've gained a wealth of experience with harps, dulcimers, mandolins, ukes, balalaikas, tiples...

Looking for straightforward information about amplification? Let me unravel the hype and spin, and install the system that works best for your needs.

We have been pleasing repair customers for over 30 years. At Shade Tree, you always know who is working on your instrument. Greg Mirken (with assistance from Margie) does all the repairs.

How to get a repair started: First, we have to talk. Call or email me so we can discuss your instrument. For local customers, contact me for an appointment. I can meet you most days and times.

If you don't live in our local area, shipping can be safe if you follow correct packing procedures. Don't worry; we'll help.