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Article: What's a warranty repair?

"Warranty repairs" means the maker has agreed to pay us to do repairs that result from a manufacturing or material defect. We have a long-standing (20+ years) relationship with both C.F. Martin and Taylor Guitars, built on our experience, skill and dependability. They trust us to tell the difference between accidental damage and a goof by the builder. And they trust us to fix it right, so the customer is happy. These manufacturers pay us to be their eyes, ears, and hands


We need to inspect your instrument to tell tell whether you have a valid warranty claim.

We can't tell from only a telephone description, since similar symptoms can have different causes. For example: one or two loose fret ends can be a warranty problem, and Martin includes loose fret ends on their warranty repair fee schedule. But a guitar with all of the fret ends sticking up can mean the customer has allowed the guitar to get too dry, causing the fingerboard to shrink. It's up to us to look the guitar over for other signs of dryness. In the first case the manufacturer pays for the repair, in the second, the customer pays.

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