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Article: Saving The World, One Guitar At a Time

Why do you need more than one guitar? For different sounds? Yes?a big rosewood guitar sounds very different than a small maple guitar. When you're doing a recording project or switching between different musical styles, it's neat to have different guitars for different tones.

But there's a better reason to have more than one guitar. It's so that when you give one away, you'll still have one left to play.

We see a lot of people who give guitars away. They bring old guitars to us for new strings and a clean-up. Then they give them to their kids, to other people's kids, to neighbors, to schools. And it's always to spread the joy of music making.

Over the years we've recycled a number of orphaned instruments. A funky but functional classic to the teenager down the street, who now plays electric guitar. An Ovation six string that's still going from kid to kid. Another little classic to the church next door, for their camp-outs. A couple of dulcimers to a music therapist. A steel string for Mission Viejo High School. Even a guitar for a state prison guitar class.

More importantly, can you give someone else a wonderful gift? Even the humblest of musical instruments brings the greater gift of music. (We'd love to hear about what you've given, too.) So many old guitars sit in the closet because their masters have grown beyond them, and play only the most beautiful guitars in the house. It costs you very little to throw a fresh set of strings on a neglected instrument. You can give it away with a beginning book, or even give your time for lessons. And just think of the closet space you'll get back!

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