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Article: Preventable Damage

A simple mod can prevent heartache.


Take a close look at the sides of your headstock. Look like this? I sure hope not. See those circular dents around each tuning knob? The photo doesn't show it well, but in one area the back edge is worn to bare wood. How could this happen? If you haven't guessed the culprit, scroll down.









Yup; that innocent plastic crank, if wielded with abandon, can inflict scratches and even dents on the sides of your headstock.

Here's how you can make a simple modification to the crank to make it a whole lot safer. File, grind, or sand the corners off as indicated here:


Here's what it will look like when you're done. Now even if you get a little off-axis as you whirl that thing around there's no corner to contact the headstock. This mod does make the crank a little worse at pulling out bridge pins, but they're already awkward at best for that. Push them up from the inside, or use one of those little flat tools that rock on the saddle for leverage.


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